Activator gel cellcosmet

The perfect strategy throughout time to fight against premature ageing and to preserve the characteristics of young skin: tonicity, firmness and radiance.

Cellcosmet is based on cellular cosmetology, and it is the first skin care product line to contain Stabilized Bio-Integral cells. Their very high cellular concentrations offer the skin a rich reservoir of natural stimulators. Unlike most cellular cosmetics, which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet products are enriched with cells whose biological integrality have been preserved. Thanks to an exclusive method of stabilization, Cell control, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. This ensures that the cells remain in their most effective state in skin-care products. The result of this breakthrough development is a skincare line that is exceptionally effective in beautifying the skin.

From the first application, your skin texture changes.